Battlefront Gameplay Revealed

For a while now gamers have been wondering what Star Wars Battlefront will really be like.  Earlier this year we were treated with the teaser trailer with amazing visuals and the hope that we would see a Star Wars game that truly hit the mark.  Could gameplay actually look and feel as exciting?  The wait is over.  EA presented 5 minutes of in-game footage which looks absolutely stunning.  There's no doubt that uber-fans will spend countless hours scrutinizing every millisecond of video later trying to glean more but for most of us this is enough to let us know we have something special to look forward to this fall.  What we see is promising and definitely something to be excited about.  November has never seemed so far away...


While Battlefront does not have a single player campaign, a survival co-op mode was announced today. Two players can team up against increasingly difficult waves of enemies in a survival mode. Game footage looks good!