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Destiny Beta Impressions

destinylogopageAlas, the Destiny Beta window has opened and closed... all too soon. For those of you who were able to get some game time in you know there's a lot to look forward to this September. Destiny is one of those games though that has a lot of hype around it and the challenge, as always, is whether it's worth forking out the cash to own.

In my time with Destiny I was only able to play the first introductory level and return to the tower. Server interrupts kept me from playing further as when I tried to repeatedly play the next level I was booted back with an error message and returned to the menus. Feedback from others has been very positive though and there is a lot going on.

I couldn't help but notice how familiar the game feels when playing. The Halo roots are there and that's not a bad thing. (Even some of the sound effects like some gunfire sound like they were lifted from Halo.) Beautiful and vast this game seems like it will hold interest for a long time. Multiplayer modes, campaign, and co-op all seem to be thought out well. The MMO aspects of the game take a little getting used to if you're not familiar with that genre. Having random people pop in and out of the landscape is a little odd but doesn't detract from your gameplay.

Customization seems to be the key with this game. Upgrading weapons, gear, and vehicles will help keep the enjoyment going as you tackle tougher opponents and are able to tweak your character to handle it. We'll see what the finished product is like very shortly as Destiny arrives on September 9th.

Welcome to GO40!



Do you remember playing Pong?

Do you remember going to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters?

Does the mention of the Atari 2600 bring up fond memories?

Do you inwardly groan when someone calls PS1 or Xbox: "old school"?

If any of these questions resonate with you then this site is for you. Gamers Over Forty, (or just GO40 for short), is a community for those of us who were there at the dawn of console gaming but now play console games online today. We've watched the world of video games evolve and expand from playing on the living room rug with a wired paddle controller to coordinating movements in a shooter with a friend thousands of miles away. Online gaming has become an incredible virtual environment to meet up and have some fun. It's a place where anyone of any age can play, compete, and interact at any time of day. Unfortunately, it also creates a generational mash-up with it's own set of problems from the youngest ones who just learned how to swear to immature ones who don't know how to interact with others properly (I'm being generous here). If you've found yourself tuning these people out by muting your mike and chat volume or worse yet, avoiding multiplayer games altogether then you're ready for GO40.

We feel the same as you. GO40 is a group of console gamers around the age of 40 or more, (but we also accept those thirtysomethings with old souls). We've gathered together to form a core group of peers who can relate to each other. Whether you're looking to find new friends for some co-op play, join a competitive clan, or just catch up over games and socialize, GO40 is the place for you.  It's not Game Over...It's Gamers Over 40.

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