8 thoughts on “Crimson Dragon Review”

  1. Nice review Guinness. I’m just a bit fuzzy on the “rails” idea. Is that where you are always a picture on the screen but you simply swing in one direction or the other? On the Wii there is a game called GyroStar that functions this way. You can move forward or back, but it doesn’t impact much.I can see where it would get boring.

    Just so you know, on my screen there is some “gobbledigook” between the box in which I’m typing and the “post comment” blue box. It says “You may use these…………..”

  2. I downloaded the game and spent an hour or so playing. My thoughts:

    a. For a free game,,,, nice graphics,,, decent little story (hellooo? Bungie? Story? ) :)
    b. Really liked the game play, little missions.
    c. Hated the way I had to control the dragon. Or rather lack of control maybe. I found myself leaning, standing,,, pulling, grunting,,,, trying to will the dragon into the direction I wanted it to go.

    I won’t devote loads of time to it,, but may visit occasionally for some achievements.

    I give it a 5 of 10.


    1. You know, it’s hard to turn down a free game. (LOL on the Bungie story reference!)

      BTW, While it’s not readily apparent yet, at the bottom of the review is a User rating star score. Any user can simply click on that area to add their own score to the mix. It’s like a poll where it reflects the average of all users who voted. Give it a whirl!

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